Tha House Of Bantu

The Wild Side

Tha house Of Bantu was a fun business to work with because of what they are about!

Prez Marketing, Content Curation, Inbound Marketing Strategy
"A collection of unique handcrafted jeweller,  colorful and stylish African inspired head-wraps to celebrate all women. all custom designs are created by Tadiwa Pasipanodya, a Sydney based designer. House of Bantu also sources unique ethically produced pieces from all over the world, creating a platform for unknown designers to showcase their unique designs.  'BANTU' means people, house of bantu is always about the people."

Building An Online Presence

We worked with 'Tha House Of Bantu' to create their online presence. Designing their website, doing photoshoots on the beautiful Northern Beaches Of Sydney with our partner Jackson Drew Spalding (Who has done photo shoots used by top brands in Sydney like 'Barney Cools', Check out his Page here).


Social Media Optimisation

We helped clean up their Social Media pages on both Facebook and Instagram. Helped establish a strategy of reaching their audience, create posting schedules and strategy, finally implementing all the hard work! 

We saw magazines and designers reach out to 'Tha House Of Bantu' to work with them and to buy 'Tha House Of Bantus' jewelry to sell in their own shops! It is so satisfying to see the fruits of our hard work for a great small business with an awesome cause like this one!

preston crawford