What Should I Expect When I Sign Up?

Your plan will start on the first of next month. After you sign up you will receive a few emails. They will guide you on adding you social media accounts so that we can schedule content for your business. We will also send though an email with a questionnaire to better understand you business. We will use that information to create content unique to your business!

How Do You Post To My Accounts?

After you sign up you will recieve an emial that will give you instructions on adding your account onto the software we use to schedule your content. This makes it so we never need your passwords to log in! 

Refund Policy?

You Have 5 business days after signing up (or any time during your trial period) to cancel your subscription. All subscriptions auto renew and must be cancelled 14 days after your last billing. Refunds 14 days after your last billing are not possible due to the fact that we create the content weeks before it is posted and most of the work is done in a short amount of time after you sign up.

How Do We Contact You?

You can message us here on our chat bubble and we will respond as soon as possible! Our operating hours are 8am-5pm PST. You will also recieve an email from your representative who you can contact at anytime with questions 


Any other questions?

Contact us here!