How Digital Marketing Plans Work

Wondering how the subscription model works and what to expect?


Here's how it works! 


We operate based around the year calendar. That means if you sign up during this month your plan starts on the first of next month! 

This allows us time to get in touch with you, learn the nature of your business, and create content in time for your plan to start.


As soon as you sign up for your plan you will be billed and sent an email, within that email is a link to sign up for a 15-minute intro call with a team member. Select the time that works for you and schedule.

During the meeting, we will introduce ourselves as your new account manager, help you further understand the plan you selected, and we will get started by getting access to the accounts we will be managing on behalf of your business. For some accounts that mean we will need your password (such as Instagram) for others it means we will simply need admin rights (such as Facebook) 


Then we get started and you get to see results! 


After these easy steps, that is all there is to the signup process! Now all you need to do is sit back and get ready to answer emails or calls from your new customers! 

preston crawford