Preparing For Winter Season

Winter Is Coming

September is here and that means the looming blessings of pumpkin spice lattes, peppermint flavored everything, and expanding waistline is on the horizon.

If you’re a business owner this time of year is your most anticipated, and maybe dreaded, time of year!

Prez Marketing winter is coming


Every year it comes around to the holiday season, you know people are planning on buying but you’re just not sure how to get prepared or how to get in front of the right pair of eyes to make that sale.

To help with this we have made a quick list of ideas that will help you prepare for this coming holiday season! We even have a surprise at the end that will jump-start this plan for you!


Make your own list and check it twice (too early for Christmas references?)

Start by making a list.

Planning helps turn chaotic thoughts into concrete actions

By making a list you are solidifying in your mind what is the priority. This will help you when the times start to get busy in chaotic! Make a list of the most important tasks to complete for your business and be prepared ahead of time.

Try segmenting your days to increase your personal productivity. Instead of trying to do everything you need in one day and hoping for the best designate each day to a task.

By segmenting your days you allow your brain to focus on one task at a time allowing you to be the most productive and discipline business owner!

Now here is how to really nail down the holiday season!


1 Create Content Get A Product Shoot


Every business is going to be fighting for the top spot for your customer's eyes this year.

With Facebook capping out on displayable ad space this makes native content (content posted straight to your page and not promoted) the most valuable asset you have to continually engage with your followers.

Without captivating relevant imagery, you will fall flat while your competition places their brand new line of products on full display on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Start working on content now!

Get yourself photo shoot, or learn your way around a camera this holiday season and get some shots of your product!


2. Plan promotions and sales beforehand


Plan before the holiday rush starts on what type of sales you would like to put on this year!

This helps you plan ahead on what you need to be promoting now to get your followers familiar with your products. It also helps you while you are creating content.

If you are planning on making a sale on your blue shirts you are going to want content that is able to promote your blue shirts not all of your yellow shirts. 

This also helps you budget in a practical sense. Instead of panicking at the beginning of December and throwing a flash sale. Create a marketing plan now and be prepared for what sales are going to be most beneficial this season.

Plan now to set yourself up for success later


3. Create a content calendar

In the same school of thought as making a list, is making yourself a calendar!

The easiest way to do this simply make a spreadsheet for the next three months. Then start placing ideas of content.

Simple content ideas are…

-Product Photos (in the studio and in the wild )


-Team Photos

-Fun / Humorous posts relevant to your business culture


Set a goal for yourself to post at least three times a week and plan which posts you would like each week. Then use resources like unsplash and buffer to help supplement and post your content.


Now for the little surprise!


We are giving $50 off our plans when you use the promo code WINTERISCOMING

We will handle your product shoot, scheduling, and posting your content.

This allows you the time and freedom to manage the other parts of your business when you’ve got a full marketing team in your corner.


preston crawford