Three Things To Do To Maximize The Holiday Season

Every business both dreads and looks forward to the holiday season.

If you have been around for a few years you probably have experienced the expectation that comes with the holiday season and the aftermath of trying to figure out what went wrong with your sales.

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Here are some tips to make sure you have a successful holiday season both for your business and your personal life! 

1. Time Management 

This one is not very holiday specific because this is a tip that applies to your whole life. 

During the holiday season especially we seem to just happen. We happen to stay at the office late, or seem to forget something important, we seem to forget to schedule calls or meetings. Don't become so busy that life starts to happen to you.

This applies both to personal and business life. Remember you are working to live not living to work.

So this holiday season set schedules.

I like to set multiple silent alarms during the day that keep me on track. I have an alarm that wakes me up (or two or three) then anther that reminds me to work out, then another that tells me when to start working, and another that tells me when to stop.

This is very detailed and involved scheduling, but it helps to keep me on track with small manageable tasks. I am a kind of person who also lives by my calendar if it's on my calendar that means I'm doing it. If it's not on my calendar it means its not in my head. Using apps and outsourcing some of my tasks helps free up my plate to focus on the most important things of my day, which aren't always working.

Try creating systems that keep you on track and moving forward. Take control of your time before its January next year and you've missed time with friends and family.

2. Be More Active 

This time of year every business has a sale and is trying to grab the attention of anyone who will listen. There is so much noise everywhere we go to try and get you to buy something.

Don't add to the noise but still be heard. Becuase there are so many things being pushed in your audiences attention, not just in your industry but all industries. It would be a good idea to be a subtle voice, reminding them of the brand they are loyal to and love. 

Try posting twice a day instead of once, be active in conversation with your audience. Find ways to pull them away from the noise and to interact with your business. 

Try inbound marketing tactics that lead your audience to your website. With the added posts use links and strong call-to-action to become a prevalent and not annoying voice to your audience.

3. Slim It Down

This is the time for very targeted audiences not broad.

Every other business is fighting for noise in a broad audiences ear. Their nets are too large and many will swim straight through.

Try really narrowing down your audience to those most likely to buy. If you are using paid advertising through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or another site use as many descriptors for your audience as possible.

It is better for your add to pop-up in front of a few hundred people multiple times rather than have it pop up to thousands only once. 

Try these trick out this holiday seasone! Let us know how your holiday season is going too! We would love to hear from you and wish you a great season full of success, friends, and family!


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