Our Favorite FREE Apps For productivity

Here are a few of our favorite FREE apps that have boosted our productivity.

It's no secret that everything these days has gone up into the cloud. Photos, music, files, communication, all done through the cloud.

So how does this affect you and your business? How can you capitalize on the cloud without getting bogged down, confused by the hundreds of apps that are telling you just how useful they are? Well, we've tried a few of them and we found that these two are our favorites & the most useful for our team productivity!


For Prez Marketing we work out of many locations and with clients who range from down the road to the other side of the world. This means we rely heavily on communication via the cloud. We need to send files, update, and communicate in real time. All while using our time efficiently to be most effective in multiple locations.


For communicating we use Slack.com. Slack is a brilliant app that goes on our mobile devices and works brilliantly on our desktops. It makes communication between multiple teams a dream and the ability to tag people, upload files, and more just make working with remote teams easier than ever. It gives you a personalized URL so any of your team can easily log in and access the stream of conversation at any time!

The other brilliant thing about slack is you can connect other apps to it. We use Google Drive and Trello. Which leads us to talk about our second most useful app for productivity. Trello!


Trello.com is a task managing app that allows you to create boards and cards, set due dates, add easily distinguishable tags, and more. This makes it easy for anyone on your team to jump on see what needs to get done, do it, then let everyone know in real time. below is a photo of our favorite board which has boosted productivity to the next level for us.


On this board, we have five tasks. These are daily tasks that get added to an individuals board to do that day. This allows the individual to manage their day effectively and keeps the business rolling in a positive productive way. Keeping it to five tasks at a time also ensures no one gets overwhelmed. After all, it's more satisfying to mark off and add more than end your day knowing you didn't get done what you needed to.

Go ahead and try these apps out! tells us how useful they are to your team! If you know of any other cool apps let us know, we love learning about new useful tools! 

preston crawford