How I Started, & You Can Too

Starting a business is a dream for so many people out there. As a child, I remember playing bank to keep my sisters money "safe" Luckily for them they moved to a real bank that doesn't spend their money on candies. But I kept my dream of owning a business alive up through college when I finally started. 

In this millennial, zealous, and confident age, everyone's a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and wants to make it on their own. But not everyone makes it to the owning and operating stage of having a business. 

In my few years, and mess ups, I have seen first hand what stops, stumbles, and sucks about starting a business. I've also seen its amazing benefits and the reward of working hard and making your own path.

So step one of starting a business…


just do it. Like right now, go and register your business. My biggest catch in launching Prez Marketing wasn't capital, clients, employees, or anything other than myself. I was what was stopping my dream.

I remember reading books (which are very helpful resources) like rich dad, poor dad, or $100 start up, and others like that. I thought this would help me get started or inspire me to be a successful businessman. But I've found that to be a successful business person you must actually be in and have a business!


Don't get stuck in the rut of having everything in order before starting. Again for me, my computer is stocked full of different business plans, models, run charts, budgets, and all sorts of charts and graphs that don't mean anything until an actual business with actual numbers is attached. 

Don't neglect planning as this is a critical part of launching a successful business. But if you're on your eighth business model rewrite you should ask yourself if you're just putting off starting your dream. 

As Mike Tyson said we've all got a plan until you get punched in the face. Same goes with business, I had plans of how it would work, then I got clients and money came in and out and then I had to change again, which leads to the third pint 


There will be times your business is doing great and others that you'll wish you still worked at Starbucks. This is life, this is how business is. You'll have bad clients and good clients, but the everyday take away is, what have you learned new and what will you apply to your practice tomorrow.

Start your business, love it, and have fun! There is nothing more rewarding than building your business from the ground up and seeing first hand the reward of your hard work!

preston crawford