Easy changes you can make today to boost your Instagram

The easiest change you can make today to boost your Instagram!


Everyone loves Instagram. We seamlessly scroll through hundreds of quality images or videos that are all competing to capture a moment of our attention.



But why do you really love Instagram? Why do your customers love Instagram?

Have you noticed the ever increasing popularity of VR (virtual reality)? Ever since a screen was invented audiences were captured by the chance to experience a new life. The ability to feel and see what someone else feels and sees.

A chance to live in another life!

That’s what Instagram does for us. It gives a glimpse into another life! We get the chance to view what living someone else’s life would be like, what it could feel like, and look like.

What you can do about it.

Here’s the trick for your business. What posts have you made that make people excited to “live your services/products life”. What posts help them escape whatever moment they are in to dive into the moment you are creating for them.

When a potential customer views your photo do they put themselves in that photo? What about the caption? Is it relatable, is it a caption that makes them want to arrange their life to put your product or service into it?

Create a life for your consumer to want to live in!

Think of Pepsi, coca-cola, or corona. You instantly think BBQ, beaches, water, summer, fun, lots of happy thoughts! You see the image and instantly you feel that your life is better by having these products in your life!

Changing your images to be focused on creating a lifestyle your buyer can and wants to live.


This is also done by changing your captions to be something that includes your customer!

Put yourself in their life!

Try changing “we’ve got the best cola in town” to “no backyard bbq is complete without cola”. See how you’ve changed this from a factual style statement to a lifestyle statement allowing them to imagine the sensation of a BBQ. But not fully allowing them to get the full feeling unless they add a cola to the image!

Same with your product. Help them to see that your product enhances their life and place yourself in their backyard! Make your point simple, clear, and inclusive to the viewer.

Check it out and give it a try yourself! To save time you can get your social media and email marketing managed by the team at Prez Marketing and never worry about having to post again! You could get your time back today! 


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