Quick Guide To Getting Your Brewery Online


So you have a brewery now, you’ve moved from homebrewing in your garage and cellaring recycled beer bottles in your basement to a warehouse with beautiful stainless steel toys and a furnished tasting room with the staple popcorn machine in the corner.

Your recipes are Amazing but customers just aren't pouring in and you need your brewery online fast. Here is what you do.

You’ve got two starting points - let’s start with the one that won't cost you anything to set up, then move from there.

The almighty Google

Your new business needs to be found. Regardless if you have social media channels or a website you can still get found online simply by registering with Google.

Google has recently changed a few of its algorithms and will help people find you even if you do not have a website or any other online presence yet. This is what makes it the best starting point for your brewery!

All you need is a physical address, and five minutes to set this all up.

This is your first step because this will (literally) put you on the map. A potential customer can search ‘Breweries near me’ and if you are close by you will pop up!


You're on the right path, but what is the first thing you do once a business you don’t know is recommended on Google? You click to their website to check them out.

So, that is our next step - Get yourself a website!

The Site

If you are tenacious enough you can get yourself started on a site like Squarespace.com or Wix.com. We build our clients sites on Squarespace or Wordpress - unless you have any design or development experience we would not recommend going with Wordpress.

The key items to have on your fresh new site



-Contact Info


Then to spruce it up and make it more effective by building out an about us page, integrate your social media (we haven't hit this step), add an email list builder to keep contact and start building your marketing funnel. There’s a lot more to do to make this the best it can be but this is a great start!

Or if you want an awesome site for a quarter of the time and a lot fewer headaches schedule a time to talk here.

Yelp (HUGE)

If you are in the food and drink business this is your best friend.

Next, to the almighty, Google is the incredible YELP

With over 100 million users there is a guarantee you can drum up business simply by adding your business to yelp. Best part this is also FREE and like Google, it will start recommending you as soon as you sign up.

Yelp is great for offering specials and obviously getting reviews on Yelp will drastically change your online landscape for the better. Yelp also connects to your Google listing so this is a double whammy and a must for your brewery.

Sign up your business on yelp here

Social Media (FB + IG are your friends)

Now for the obvious. Social media platforms.

Before diving into these it’s important to know that everything you do online is online. This sounds obvious but what we mean by that is it is important to have a consistent voice and brand identity for every platform you use.

Every platform you put your name on will show up in a search engine. Whether it be your Google listing, Yelp page, website, or social media channels. If each one looks different from the other you will lose brand identity and potential loose connection with your potential customer.

It’s best to create a mood board for your business or even better a branding guide!

Alright. Now back to the social media!

If you are a brewery, your best bets will be Instagram and Facebook. The bare minimum we suggest for posting to social media is four posts a week. It might be a good idea to store up a bank of content before signing up so you can simply schedule these out instead of needing to scramble once you do sign up.

Instagram is obviously all visual - it’s best to get a product shoot or do a lifestyle shoot inside your brewery.

For Facebook utilize the ability to use links and start blogging on your website, link back to your menus, and host events and invite people on Facebook!

Once you've done all this you have started a great foundation to build from and your online presence is off to an incredible start!

have any comments or questions on this! Shoot us an email at info@prezmarketing.com

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